H.O.W. is an educational service designed to help students be more successful in school.

Because California raised expectations for student achievement with Common Core, students often need extra support/tutoring to successfully meet those expectations. Some parents find they don't have the knowledge, patience, or time to adequately help their children with nightly homework and test preparation. HOW provides parents with a new unique service where Homework Helpers/Tutors come to their homes to lend assistance.
Summer Program

Homework on Wheels summer program is one-on-one tutoring designed to meet the individual needs of K-12 students.

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- We are very pleased with Homework on Wheels. Thank you, for hearing and listening to your heart in reaching out to the children in our community. - Anita Orozco

- Thank you so much. I always recommend Homework on Wheels to people when they ask me or when I hear of someone needing a tutor. Your service is awesome and very appreciated. - Christy Signorio, Teacher, Magnolia Elementary, Upland Unified

- Our son has a wonderful relationship with Matt, our homework helper. Jonathan listens to Matt and they always manage to get all of his homework done even when he has a lot to do. Matt is a tremendous help. Just knowing I don't have to go home and fight to get the homework done is a relief. - Joelle Caiola

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