Summer Program

Homework on Wheels summer program is one-on-one tutoring designed to meet the individual needs of K-12 students. It is customized to help both struggling students or to challenge students who are interested in accelerating their learning. Tutoring takes place at home.

Math (including algebra and geometry) Phonics, Reading Comprehension, and Writing, are the primary areas of focus during the summer (other subjects are also available). Parents decide the number of hours per week (usually one or two), which day(s) of the week and times of the day tutors come to their home (a parent must be present during tutoring).

All materials are provided by Homework on Wheels and any materials parents/teachers wish to incorporate may also be used. Parents can decide if they would like their children to have weekly homework or just spend their time weekly with a tutor. This is an excellent program to keep children immersed in subject matter areas where they struggle so they won't be behind when school starts in the fall.

HOW Summer Tutoring helps parents:

Ensure that their child begins mastering new grade level standards
Keep their child sharp on acquired skills and not backtrack
Make sure their child remediates skills not mastered at their current grade level

How Summer Tutoring helps students:

Practice concepts at current grade level
Jump-start skills at the new grade level
Keep sharp practicing difficult concepts and skills so they don't slide