I wanted to let you know Delaney's math grade went from a C- to a B+ on her report card. We are very happy with her progress.
Sandie Dugan

We are very pleased with Homework on Wheels. Thank you, for hearing and listening to your heart in reaching out to the children in our community.
Anita Orozco

Lauren goes way out of her way for Josiah and is covering all the bases. She is doing extraordinary work.
Elsa Zavala

Our son has a wonderful relationship with Matt, our homework helper. Jonathan listens to Matt and they always manage to get all of his homework done even when he has a lot to do. Matt is a tremendous help. Just knowing I don't have to go home and fight to get the homework done is a relief.
Joelle Caiola

We are very pleased with Matt's performance, character, and his ability in teaching and working closely with our son. Jared is very comfortable with Matt and at this early stage feels his assistance is very positive and is looking forward to Matt's weekly visits. Words cannot express our delight with your program.
Jerry & Lorraine Mendosa

Thanks to Lauren Stephanie got an A+ on her last math exam.
Katie Johnston

My daughter was very nervous about a tutor but Matthew made her feel comfortable. He does an excellent job. Homework on Wheels is great and well worth the expense. Having someone come to my house is wonderful.
Charise Oliva

This is our second year with Homework on Wheels and may I say it has been such a positive learning experience for our son. Our son is being tutored by Steven who is a sophomore at the University of California, Riverside. Steven is a very pleasant and confident young man who is greatly appreciated by our son (parents as well). We just received our son's first 9th grade report card and what a delight and relief to see he earned a 3.4 grade point average. A special thanks to STEVEN for a job well done!!!
Jerry Mendosa

We have seen drastic improvement with Starla. Thank you, Kelly.
Roger Pierce

Ray's report card went from a C- to a B. Thank you Ryan for your help.
Christina Stevens

Josh has been just great working with Kevin. His attitude has turned around completely. His homework is turned in on time and best of all he passes his math exams.
Pam Goodwin

I just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with Jocelyn. My girls love your style and techniques. I have already seen a difference in their abilities and tests. It has only been 1 week. I thank you once again.
Renee Canseco

We are extremely pleased regarding our son's rapid improvement. He has only worked with Josh for a few months and has improved by two full grades in almost every subject. Josh knows how to bring the best out of Cole and helps him strive to meet his fullest potential. Cole really enjoys his time with Josh who makes learning FUN!
Lisa Albert

Please use my name as a referral for your services. We have used Sylvan and other tutoring services and love your program.
Teresa Collins

Thank you very much for the help. We can't believe he passed Algebra with a B exit exam grade.
Jeanie Magana

Molly has a very upbeat personality and knows just how to handle Josh. She always has great ideas to include with her homework help and tutoring. In just a short time she has been able to give him the help he really needs. I want Molly to continue working with Josh this fall because she is such a great asset and Josh does struggle with his school work. We cannot express how happy we are that we found such a great young lady to help us work with Josh.
Lucille Hicks

We have really enjoyed having Josh come and help Vincent this summer, and we really would like to continue having him come during the next year. In the beginning Vinny was not to happy that I had set a tutor up for him. I think he felt he was failing or tutors were just for really dumb kids, but after meeting Josh that first day, he told me "he's really cool, I like him." So I think his outlook has changed. I'm hoping his confidence will increase as he goes through his 6th grade year.
Marlo Cardella

We are very pleased about Garritt's progress in math. Andres has done excellent work with him and I will certainly use your services throughout Garritt's enrollment in High School.
Yolanda Pace

We just wanted to send a note letting you know just how blessed we feel to have Josh in our lives. First of all, the boy's grades have improved tremendously! The stress for the family surrounding homework and grades is gone. I hardly expected that and it makes us feel so great.
Lisa Albert

Tim did a great job working with Jeremy and I would definitely recommend him. He connected well with my son and offered good advice and encouragement. My son did benefit from the relationship that Tim provided.
Theresa Solis

Ruth went up 2 grades with your help.
Angelika Cisneros

Josh is an excellent tutor. He understands Allen's needs and changes to fit those needs. Allen has improved tremendously in math and we are looking forward to Josh helping with sat prep. Homework on Wheels is an excellent resource that I recommend to all sorts of people.
Ann Stewart

I wanted to thank you for helping Nick. Tim has been wonderful and now Nick's math grade is up to a B. Thank-you once again, your services were a blessing!
Miki McCabe

Molly was very patient and worked well with my daughter. She knew how to hand her "Talkativeness. " Overall Molly did an excellent job helping Paige. I saw her reading improve over a short period of time. Thank you so much for all your help.
Tricia Lewis

We really like Bethany. After 3 lessons I can see an improvement and I showed her Dylan's test to prove it. I like her methods of teaching and the way she questions Dylan on how he got the answer. Thank you for the workbook that will come in handy and thanks again for sending us Bethany.
Danielle McCarthy

For the first time Liam brought home straight A's. We are very satisfied with Drew.
Rosemary Callopy

Luis has gone from a D/C student in math to a B/A student in both math and science. I'm very happy with Drew and feel he is very knowledgeable and patient with Luis. I know it has been a little bit of work breaking the ice with Luis, but Luis acknowledges that he likes working with Drew. I'm also happy to report that Luis is doing so well in math that his teacher has put him in the independent learning section. This has a lot to do with the tutoring that he gets from your program.
Vanessa Rizo

We love Felix!! Thank you so much. I always recommend you to people when they ask me or when I hear of someone needing a tutor. Your service is awesome and very appreciated.
Christy Signorio, Teacher, Magnolia Elementary, Upland Unified

I'm really impressed with Stephanie and the way Emmalie responds to her. Thank you so much for what you do.
Wanda Jemelka

Arianne is no longer having difficulties with math. Debbie has been great and we appreciate the help. Homework on Wheels is a wonderful service.
Janet Medrano

Thank you for sending Felix as Kenneth's tutor. He has helped a lot in building our son's confidence and teaching him techniques with his math.
Hiro and Gennie Calicdan

We are very happy with Esther and we've seen improvement with homework for both our boys.
Stephanie Valdez

I just got news from my son's school. Christian passed both of his classes. Felix did an outstanding job. Thanks again.
Jesse Hernandez

Thank you for all the help Felix gave Fiona. She passed her Pre-Calculus class with all his terrific help. It was a pleasure working with you. Felix was a great tutor and a really nice guy. Fiona enjoyed working with him. Thanks again.
Sheila Little

Felix is a wonderful tutor and I feel that part of Tyler's success now is because of the help and explanation he got from Felix in AP Calculus. Felix really knows his stuff and is a natural at explaining difficult concepts.
Alicia Lyon, Principal, Day Creek Intermediate School

I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with Steffanie Young. She has been tutoring my son Lucas McIntosh this school year and has done a great job working with him. Lucas looks forward to working with Steffanie every week which is great since in the past he didn't want a tutor. Steffanie has learned what works for Lucas and I've seen his grades consistently go up. She definitely has been a huge help this year.
Krissy McIntosh

Donia is an excellent tutor. She is very approachable and made our daughter feel at ease asking any question.
Janet Medrano

Felix is very helpful tutoring my son in math. He is a good communicator and has made a great connection with him. The service provided by Felix has been just great. My son, Garrett, looks forward to Felix coming each week. He has learned a lot from Felix and we look forward to using him the future.
Eric and Jamie Resch

We are pleased with Noelle's work. Yanina has improved her grades and now has initiative to start reading on her own. Noelle is very patient and has been a great influence for Yanina.
Pat Correa

Felix is patient and extremely knowledgeable. He is always encouraging and very positive. Homework on Wheels is a Class Act A+++
Dana Hackett

Darren absolutely loves Julia and so do I. Her teaching style is awesome. It is very comforting for me as a parent knowing that your services are available.
Lisa Hernandez

Chrystal is a wonderful tutor! She and Chloe get along great. Her grades have been wonderful since they began working together.
Maria Miller, Early Childhood Education Specialist Perdew Elementary

I am very pleased with Russell tutoring my son Ethan. He makes him very comfortable, therefore, learning is easier. Russell is very efficient, flexible, and professional. We like his methods and strategies and, my son has improved a lot in school especially in Math.
Mirasol Morales
I am very happy with Jon's work ethic, punctuality, positive attitude, and patience with my boys. He does excellent work!
Vivian McFall
Alex is Great!
Michele Pacheco
Alex and Adam both are great and John is happy with both of them.
Michelle Allen
Wanted to let you know that Justin received an A in math this trimester with a GPA of 3.6 He is also receiving the Principles honor roll award tomorrow. We are very proud of his accomplishments and thank you for all you do.
Lisa Redfield
We have only the most positive things to say about Lauren and would recommend her highly
Esther Ybarra

Madison has greatly improved in the few weeks that she has worked with Adam. Each Chemistry test grade has improved and her confidence is building. She feels like she can finally understand the material. We are thrilled with the program in such a short amount of time. Adam is a miracle worker. I would recommend him to my friends.
Carel Estrada
I want to thank you for the quality of your tutors and for your flexibility and willingness to find what Colin needed. He graduated from Mt Sac with an AS in graphic design last December and has transferred to Cal Poly Pomona as a theatre major. It would simply not have happened without your tutors. He learns best one-on-one not in the classroom. Thank you!
Lenore Schwonkovsky
With the help of your tutors Tobias is going off to Cal State Long Beach. Thank-you.
Scott Banks

Thank you so much. The program and service is priceless.
Stephanie Barrett